Increase Radiologist Efficiency & Reading Workflow

Radiologists Need Data Standardization

Reimagining healthcare requires reimagining how intelligence is used. Enlitic is focusing the power of artificial intelligence into helping radiologists become more efficient with innovative data management solutions. By standardizing DICOM studies and creating a consistent nomenclature, radiologist workflow is improved and the promises of PACS are finally realized. Enlitic is reclaiming radiologists’ time and improving data quality that has impacts on downstream workflows.

You’re called on a Sunday morning to look at an ER case but you can’t find the study in your worklist because there was a typo in the study description and it didn’t appear. ENDEX™ ensures studies have correct, clinically relevant study descriptions and label. If this has happened you, you need ENDEX.

It’s 4:30AM and you can’t find the right series to review for the trauma case because of the way series are labelled. ENDEX™ uses natural language processing and computer vision to create standardized labels regardless of how messy the data input was. If you have been frustrated about spending too much time looking for a study, you need ENDEX.

You’re looking for the AI results of a stroke case but can’t find them, because as it turns out, the transfer to AI failed due to an invalid series description and it wasn’t processed. ENDEX™ ensures your studies get routed to the right place each time, regardless if the study goes to a radiologist for reading, an AI algorithm, or other software. If you have seen an AI point solution fail, you need ENDEX.

Workflow and Efficiency

Focusing AI on Data Management

Our solutions help radiologists be more efficient within the radiology workflows. Although we aren’t creating AI for diagnosis, our products help radiologists create reports more efficiently.

  • Studies and series appear with normalized, clinically relevant descriptions
  • Hanging protocols work better and are more consistent
  • Relevant, uniform descriptions simplify looking for the appropriate series
improve the radiology workflow

Help Reduce Radiologist Burnout

The is a lot of artificial intelligence in healthcare, but nothing to simplify the radiologist workflow. That is until ENDEX™ was created. This medical imaging software uses AI to eliminate repetitive tasks and allow for reduced reporting times and happier radiologists. As hanging protocols break regularly, your radiology team is frustrated with the inaccurate data creating problems for these protocols. When ENDEX is deployed, these displays are consistent each time and the appropriate studies in each worklist. Finally, there is a solution to ease the frustrations radiologists face each day.

Just the Beginning of How AI is Used in Radiology

While we discuss how it all starts with data standardization, it is also important to talk about the future.

  • ENDEX™ solves right now problems for radiologists, PACS admins, IT and hospital admins.
  • ENCOG™ solves issues such as anonymizing and de-identifying patient information while keeping clinically relevant information in tact
  • The Enlitic framework assists radiologists to better analyze and track data

The Enlitic framework, ENDEX, and ENCOG are enriching medical image data to be that vital, yet missing piece, of a real-world evidence database. While AI for medical diagnosis is and will continue to be important, the framework will assist by allowing radiologists immediate use of those algorithms.

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