Improve Medical Data Quality with Enlitic's Cutting-Edge Solutions

Streamlined Workflows and Enhanced Efficiency through Data Standardization 

High-quality, standardized data is the cornerstone of efficient healthcare operations. By leveraging Enlitic’s ENDEX for medical image standardization, you can transform your data from a daily burden into a powerful asset that drives efficiency and simplifies workflows. 

  • Streamlined Workflows: Standardized data eliminates manual interventions, optimizes worklists, and automates study routing, significantly reducing time spent on administrative tasks.

  • Enhanced Data Quality and Governance: Establish quality baselines through data scoring, enabling continuous improvement in data management practices and reducing risks associated with data inconsistencies.

  • Improved Operational Efficiency: Fully leverage your PACS investment, reduce communication gaps with referring physicians, and empower data-driven decision-making across your organization.

Discover how ENDEX can revolutionize your data quality management practices and drive tangible improvements in efficiency and workflow optimization. 

You’re called on a Sunday morning to look at an ER case but you can’t find the study in your worklist because there was a typo in the study description and it didn’t appear. ENDEX™ ensures studies have correct, clinically relevant study descriptions and label. If this has happened you, you need ENDEX.

It’s 4:30AM and you can’t find the right series to review for the trauma case because of the way series are labelled. ENDEX™ uses natural language processing and computer vision to create standardized labels regardless of how messy the data input was. If you have been frustrated about spending too much time looking for a study, you need ENDEX.

A patient in the ER presents with neurological deficits and has a CT study performed. The study never makes it to the AI processing because the study description was misspelled as CT Brian instead of CT Brain. ENDEX would catch this spelling mistake, correct it and ensure the study is routed to the AI algorithm for processing.

A teleradiology group has radiologists credentialed in different states. ENDEX appends the State into the study description so studies can be identified and routed to only those radiologists with the correct credentialling.

Better Data Quality

Our solutions help improve the data quality of your medical images.

  • Standardized study and series descriptions are consistently labelled with clinically relevant terms
  • Study and series descriptions are complete, with missing descriptions identified and automatically filled in
  • Discrepancies between pixel data and metadata are identified and flagged for attention to ensure correct labels are applied

Increase the value and usability of your medical images by standardizing the data.

improve the radiology workflow

Help Reduce Burnout

As a practitioner of Data Quality & Governance, you’re uniquely positioned to combat hospital staff burnout through enhanced data quality. ENDEX revolutionizes this approach by leveraging AI to standardize medical imaging data, directly addressing the root causes of workflow inefficiencies and frustrations. By ensuring consistent hanging protocols, accurate worklists, and streamlined reporting processes, ENDEX significantly reduces repetitive tasks and errors. This not only improves radiologist satisfaction but also strengthens your organization’s data governance framework. With ENDEX, you can establish quality baselines, enable continuous improvement, and mitigate risks associated with data inconsistencies. Ultimately, this investment in data quality translates to improved operational excellence and employee well-being.

Just the Beginning of How AI is Used in Data Quality & Governance

It all starts with data standardization, but it is also important to talk about the future.

  • ENDEX™ solves right now problems for radiologists, PACS admins, IT and hospital admins.
  • ENCOG™ solves issues such as anonymizing and de-identifying patient information while keeping clinically relevant information in tact
  • The Ensight framework assists radiologists to better analyze and track data

The Ensight framework, ENDEX, and ENCOG are enriching medical image data to be that vital, yet missing piece, of a real-world evidence database. While AI for medical diagnosis is and will continue to be important, the framework will assist by allowing radiologists immediate use of those algorithms.

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