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The Intelligent Healthcare AI Platform

Healthcare Data Solution To Transform Your Data. Revolutionize Your Workflow.

Reimagined Healthcare Requires Reimagined Intelligence.

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The Importance of Proper Anonymization and Deidentification

Reimagined Healthcare Requires Reimagined Intelligence.

The Benefits of Data Standardization

Reimagined Healthcare Requires Reimagined Intelligence.

Enlitic and Marubeni Corporation Target Revolutionizing Radiology Workflow in Japan

Clairvo Technologies will market and sell Curie|ENDEX™, Curie|ENCOG™ and Enlitic’s CXR Focal Opacity module AI Applications.

Reimagined Healthcare Requires Reimagined Intelligence.

Vital Radiology Services and Enlitic

Enlitic and Vital Radiology Services agree to deploy A.I. enabled tools in their U.K. facilities

Reimagined Healthcare Requires Reimagined Intelligence

Reimagined Healthcare Requires Reimagined Intelligence

Enlitic focuses the power of artificial intelligence into data management applications, enabling effective administration, processing and sharing of patient data throughout the healthcare enterprise. The Enlitic Curie™ platform standardizes, protects, integrates and analyzes data to create the foundation of a real-world evidence platform that improves clinical workflows, increases efficiencies and expands capacity.

Healthcare Data Tools

Solve decades old challenges using AI powered healthcare data standardization

AI Tools for Healthcare

Build the foundation of your enterprise AI strategy by enabling the fundamental building blocks

Augmented Intelligence

Deploy AI point solutions quickly, effortlessly, and cost effectively through a platform approach

The Leading Platform for Healthcare Data Solutions

A Revolutionary Expandable AI Framework

The Curie platform is designed to leverage AI in radiology to reclaim staff time and lower costs by eliminating inefficiencies in workflows, solving capacity challenges, and ensuring medical information is more useful and more effective for patient care. The Curie platform utilizes human, artificial, and real-world intelligence to create an evidence-based solution that makes healthcare data more collaborative, relevant and enlightening for medical professionals!



Healthcare Capacity, Efficiency, & Workflow Solutions Powered By AI

Intelligent Data infrastructure technology

healthcare data solutions for radiology

Radiologist Efficiency & Reading Workflow

Solve workflow challenges, eliminate redundant tasks, and improve reporting efficiencies while maximizing the promises PACS offers.

Capacity Solution For PACS Administrators

Improve workflow orchestration and reduce time spent on nan-value tasks enabling more focus on what matters.

healthcare data solutions for IT
healthcare data solutions for hospital admins

Revenue Generating Tools For Hospital Administrators

Build out your enterprise AI strategy by solving the major challenges that prevent success: interoperability, integration and capacity.

Case Studies

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

University of Texas Health San Antonio Sees Significant Benefits Gained With Enlitic’s Curie Endex

Two years ago, the leaders at Texas University Health System embarked on a project to move all inpatient imaging to a new enterprise imaging platform to consolidate systems and improve operational efficiencies. The new system provides new radiology tools for 3D rendering and registration, improved integration with the dictation system, and has configurable display hanging protocols which could boost productivity.

Top 10 Challenges of Deploying Clinical AI

Many facilities are finding it frustrating trying to deploy their Artificial Intelligence algorithms. In many cases it is taking many months, countless staff and resources and the results are weak. The efforts result in a single point solution focusing on one specific pathology being implemented and the process begins again. AI faces many obstacles in recognizing its true potential, and understanding these top 10 challenges of deploying clinical AI will help organizations be more successful.

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