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Who is Enlitic?

At Enlitic, we empower healthcare systems to enhance the quality of their medical imaging data using the capabilities of artificial intelligence. Enlitic has developed an intelligent data framework that powers critical workflows, orchestrates data and enables greater comprehension of what information resides in archives thereby unlocking new revenue opportunities, generating cost savings and improving healthcare delivery.

Our Mission?

Empower healthcare providers with the transformative capabilities of artificial intelligence.

Why We Are Different?

The unique selling point of Enlitic lies in its ability to leverage artificial intelligence to address improving the quality of medical imaging data and unlocking new revenue opportunities for healthcare systems. 

Unlike other companies in the medical imaging AI space, Enlitic has developed an intelligent data framework that not only enhances data quality but also orchestrates workflows and enables greater comprehension of the information stored in imaging archives.

Enlitic positions itself as a valuable partner capable of delivering immediate value while laying the groundwork for future data-driven innovations.

Enlitic’s focus on both data quality improvement and value realization sets it apart from competitors.

Shane Downing

Senior Director of Software Quality Assurance

Data on its own is irrelevant. Data, manipulated and synthesized, is information, and information, correlated and integrated, is knowledge. knowledge is power. What’s different about Enlitic is our products transform medical data into strategic power. The company that uses them will be the company that wins.

Kaylee Lorenz

People Operations Generalist

Enlitic provides an exciting foundation for our employees to work towards an honorable mission and vision by transforming the delivery of healthcare through technology. 

Beth Santori

Sales Director, Southeast

Enlitic is great because the whole company is thinking “out of the box.” We are effectively and efficiently solving industry wide issues that have plagued radiology since the inception of digital imaging.  I am proud to be working with a group that understands how and what will advance us as a profession. Go big or go home.