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Where Care Comes First

Who is Enlitic?

Enlitic focuses the power of artificial intelligence into data management applications, enabling effective administration, processing, and sharing of medical imaging data throughout the healthcare enterprise. The Enlitic framework standardizes, protects, integrates, and analyzes data to create the foundation of a real-world evidence database that improves clinical workflows, increases efficiencies, and expands capacity.

Our Mission?

Our mission at Enlitic is to intelligently manage healthcare data using the power of artificial intelligence to expand capacity and improve clinical workflows and create a foundation for a real-world evidence medical image database for healthcare providers.

Why We Are Different?

Enlitic is focused on developing tools that solve longstanding challenges in radiology rather than developing point solutions that exacerbate the issues radiology faces. Enlitic provides a solid plan that addresses data inconsistencies and risk associated with moving studies containing PHI and is focused on using AI for the medical imaging layer of a real-world evidence (RWE), providing healthcare organizations with a stepwise approach to operationalizing their AI.

What Makes Enlitic Different?

Shane Downing

Senior Director of Software Quality Assurance

Data on its own is irrelevant. Data, manipulated and synthesized, is information, and information, correlated and integrated, is knowledge. knowledge is power. What’s different about Enlitic is our products transform medical data into strategic power. The company that uses them will be the company that wins.

Kaylee Lorenz

People Operations Generalist

Enlitic provides an exciting foundation for our employees to work towards an honorable mission and vision by transforming the delivery of healthcare through technology. 

Eric Ribitsch

Director, Professional Services

“Enlitic is a pioneer on how newer companies need to approach the launching of products, processes and world class standards of excellence.”

Ron Wider

Senior VP of Corporate Strategy

“Enlitic is different from Healthcare AI companies because our solutions unlock the power of healthcare data.”