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The Curie|ENDEX application transforms medical imaging data to a consistent, clinically relevant standard nomenclature and enables relevant clinical content linkage across different IT systems. Endex enables consistent display of hanging protocols, improves image routing and orchestration intelligence. It forms the foundation of any successful artificial intelligence strategy and is crucial in developing a real world evidence database.


Reclaim Time

Decrease the complexities of PACS hanging protocols by better enabling their operation and creating consistencies. Expand capacity across multiple roles by reclaiming time.


Generate 2-5X ROI

Enhance your workflow and increase operational productivity by reducing manual intervention and create efficiencies. Ensure standardized data and correct billing and coding.


Improve Job Satisfaction

Improve radiologist job satisfaction by reducing frustration with hanging protocols and reduce your physician burnout by eliminating repetitive tasks and reducing reporting times.

The Enlitic Curie Platform features a host of AI-powered applications that enable data standardization, retrospective and real time analysis, research, risk mitigation, and workflow simplification – creating more time and improving patient outcomes. And since every Curie application shares a common inference pipeline, every application deployed within Curie learns, adjusts, and gets smarter over time.