We add quality and clinical relevance to imaging data, standardize it for searchability and improved workflows, & anonymize it while retaining valuable insights.

Comprehensively impact your medical imaging data with Ensight

Ensight is an extensible data management framework powered by AI that allows easy implementation and orchestration of Enlitic application modules. Ensight facilitates the integration, deployment, and management of AI powered data management solutions.

Creating Actionable Data For Your Healthcare System

One intelligent solution for every intelligence situation.

Ensight is the industry’s first localized real-world medical imaging database that unlocks the value of historical diagnostic images, aligned with real-time diagnostics, and linkage to real-world data across any critical care solution.

AI-Powered Applications

Ensight features a host of AI-powered applications that enable data standardization, retrospective and real time analysis, research, risk mitigation, and workflow simplification – creating efficiencies, increased revenue, and improving patient outcomes. And since every application shares a common inference pipeline, every application deployed within the framework learns, adjusts, and gets smarter over time.

artificial intelligence in healthcare - on premise


Increase job satisfaction and productivity by having clinically relevant, descriptive data in the right place at the right time. No need to relabel, rearrange or find studies.

artificial intelligence in healthcare - vendor agnostic


Standardized and anonymized data creates efficiencies and solves capacity issues throughout the enterprise for an ROI and additional revenue opportunities.

artificial intelligence in healthcare - map to existing systems


Current and historical study data is searchable and comparable. Create a real-world evidence medical imaging database and a data monetization strategy.




Standards exist today (DICOM, HL7, FHIR…) that would allow the medical images from different facilities to be combined into a common data platform, like a VNA. Unfortunately, that does nothing to solve the ability to gain insights into that data as there are likely, no data governance structures in place that would enable a system to gather insights about all this data in one place. Different terminology, different naming structures and more diversity of data prevents adequate analysis of this data.

Ensight introduces data governance capabilities and deidentification and anonymization tools to solve decades old challenges and move your organization towards the real-world evidence database we need.

Enlitic is building a data framework that applies data governance as a critical first step towards consolidating a valuable data source from medical images. We are addressing challenges that impact the ability to create value from your existing data.

Enlitic Applications Using Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Every Enlitic application was developed to manage data using AI to solve real-world problems within healthcare intelligence. Whether it’s simplifying the day-to-day, making historical information more accessible or enabling the capability of clinicians, our applications make impacting patient care a data-driven reality.

Witness Our Intelligence. It Starts With Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare

Through the power of E, we are developing solutions that positively impact patient care. Allow us to demonstrate to you just how evolutionary Ensight is.

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