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Radiology Workflow Solutions

Improving Efficiency, Capacity, and Workflow in Healthcare

Improving Efficiency and Patient Care

Medical imaging is a crucial component of modern healthcare, providing valuable diagnostic information to help healthcare professionals make informed decisions. However, the process of delivering radiology services can be complex, involving a variety of stakeholders and technologies. Enlitic works to streamline your processes while you also build your real-world evidence database. There are many steps to radiology workflow, and it impacts patient care and efficiency. Deploying the Enlitic framework with ENDEX™ you can begin to improve your radiology workflow.

Radiology workflow includes everything from patient scheduling to the communication of the results. It involves many steps and provides hospital staff with the ability to improve their daily activities. Radiology workflow provides your facility with an ROI through higher capacity to report more studies, receiving reimbursements quicker, monetizing data, and increasing satisfaction and efficiency among staff.

Healthcare AI Solutions and the radiology workflow

How Does Radiology Workflow Impact Patient Care?

From taking the image to reporting it, there are many steps that can have a significant impact on patient care. Delays or errors can lead to delayed diagnoses, increased patient anxiety, and unnecessary repeat imaging. Efficient radiology workflow can improve patient outcomes by:

  • Reducing wait times for imaging appointments and results
  • Minimizing patient discomfort during imaging procedures
  • Improving accuracy and timeliness of diagnostic information
  • Enhancing communication between healthcare providers, patients, and insurance companies

Strategies for Improvement

Improving your radiology workflow requires a collaborative effort from all stakeholders involved. Here are some strategies that can help improve radiology workflow:

  • Workflow analysis: Conduct a thorough analysis to identify areas for improvement and implement changes to streamline processes.
  • Technology integration: Implement the Enlitic framework along with ENCOG™ and ENDEX to standardize imaging data before it gets to the PACS. This allows for the data to be consistent and clinically relevant when going to radiologists and staff. With the use of ENCOG, PHI within the images is removed and audited for better image sharing or data monetization.
  • Process standardization: Develop standardized processes and protocols to ensure consistency in radiology workflow across different locations and departments.
  • Staff education and training: Provide education and training for radiology staff to ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their roles effectively.
radiology workflow being taught

The Importance of a Well-Designed Workflow

The radiology workflow is a critical aspect of delivering high-quality services to patients. Improving your hospital’s workflow can enhance patient care, improve efficiency, and increase accuracy and timeliness of diagnostic information. By implementing strategies for improving radiology efficiencies, your organization can ensure that it is delivering the best possible care to patients.

How Does Enlitic Impact Radiology Workflow?

  • Speed up reporting workflows with minimal manual interaction
  • Reduce report turnaround time for faster time to diagnosis
  • Reclaim time with accurate routing and data orchestration
  • Enhance communications between providers
radiology workflow solutions

Save Time for Medical Staff

Reduce Costs

Focus on What Matters

Improve Data Quality

Experience Our Intelligence

ENDEX™ is a medical imaging solution that standardizes your data and improves workflows, helping to make your radiology department more efficient and reduce mundane tasks. By using computer vision and natural language processing, ENDEX maps DICOM and metadata to consistent and standardized study descriptions enabling consistent hanging protocol displays, accurate data routing, improved billing capabilities and administrative staff can reclaim time from fixing hanging protocols or searching for studies. ENDEX also enriches your data for research or monetization strategies, and with data that is standardized and clinically relevant, data analysis becomes much easier. ENDEX provides a comprehensive solution to your radiology department’s data governance issues, allowing for more efficient workflows, improved data quality, and enhanced value for research or monetization.

ENCOG™ is an intelligent solution designed to de-identify medical imaging data while retaining clinically relevant information, saving you time and resources. Traditional anonymization tools delete data indiscriminately, leading to poor quality data and loss of important information. ENCOG uses AI to detect and protect PHI while preserving clinical relevance, enabling data to be used for research and analysis. It supports multiple modalities, including CT, MR, US, and XR, and can be used for rounds/teaching files, clinical trials, training algorithms/validation testing, national disease registries, and real-world evidence databases. With ENCOG you can confidently protect your patients’ PHI and maintain high-quality data for better decision-making.