Hospital Executives Can Generate Revenue & Create A Real-World Evidence Database

The Importance of Data Standards in Healthcare

Data standardization in healthcare forms the basis for interoperability. To create a smooth-running healthcare system, there needs to be data governance at the forefront of procedures.

Enlitic has created a healthcare data solution that will not only standardize medical image data, but also de-identify data while keeping clinically relevant information. Our solutions allow other technology to work and we can prove ROI.

You are looking for ways to increase revenue but data monetization can be so risky if PHI get missed during anonymization and it can take additional resources to go back and re-label studies. ENCOG™ removes PHI from all tags, pixel data, and metadata while maintaining the clinically relevant data. You need ENCOG.

Your imaging volumes are increasing but your revenues are stagnant because the radiologists can’t keep up with increased volumes. We have seen an average efficiency gain of over 10% with radiologists using ENDEX™. ENDEX allows for radiologists to complete more studies and dwindle down the backlog. You need ENDEX.

You’re reconciling month end reports and your contrast inventory and your reimbursements do not match because studies were incorrectly billed. A study initially was requested without contrast, but once a radiologist saw the images, they decided contrast was needed. The tech took the image but didn’t add it to be billed. ENDEX™ standardizes all study labels and descriptions and will add contrast to a label if it is in the image. You need ENDEX.

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Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

Data Standardization, Protection and Value

At Enlitic, we empower healthcare systems to enhance the quality of their medical imaging data using the capabilities of artificial intelligence. Enlitic has developed an intelligent data framework that powers critical workflows, orchestrates data and enables greater comprehension of what information resides in archives thereby unlocking new revenue opportunities, generating cost savings and improving healthcare delivery.

Healthcare has always been challenged to transform the massive amounts of data that it produces into actionable insight.

Over 50% of healthcare executives consider data utilization a high priority. We understand the pain of trying to make sense of years of messy data.

Over 97% of data produced by healthcare providers remains locked away, 90% of it coming from imaging technologies.

Data that could improve the delivery of healthcare. Meanwhile, investments in data solutions need to deliver near-term value while laying the groundwork for future uses.

If you look at how much data is stored in imaging archives/VNAs and then look at what it costs to store and protect these decades of images, ask yourself, “Can I turn that cost into a benefit?”

Enlitic can make your data work for you.

Realizing Value and Reducing Costs

At Enlitic, we understand the pressing need for healthcare systems to enhance the quality of their imaging data while also capitalizing on new revenue opportunities.

Our mission is clear: empower healthcare providers with the transformative capabilities of artificial intelligence.

Enlitic has developed an intelligent data platform that elevates the quality of imaging data and orchestrates critical workflows, ensuring seamless integration and utilization of data across healthcare systems. With Enlitic, healthcare professionals gain unprecedented insight into the wealth of information residing within their archives, enabling more informed decision-making and improved patient outcomes.

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