Standardizes and enriches imaging data using computer vision & natural language processing resulting in quality normalized study descriptions.

Standardizing Data First

The ENDEX™ application transforms new and historical medical image data descriptions to a consistent, clinically relevant standard nomenclature that impacts workflows and capacity within and beyond radiology. ENDEX enables consistent display of hanging protocols, corrects image routing and orchestration issues, and improves billing accuracy. It forms the foundation of any successful data management strategy and improves efficiencies in the radiology department that flow downstream throughout the enterprise.

How ENDEX Uses AI for Medical Imaging Data Management

  • ENDEX standardizes and structures data to a defined universal ontology
  • Studies and series now appear with normalized descriptions enabling effective display protocols
  • Relevant, uniform descriptions facilitate faster reporting time, easily queried studies, and less frustration from radiologists
  • Medical imaging information is enriched with clinical relevance and has become actionable and useful
  • PACS Administrators and technologists reclaim time from mundane tasks

ENDEX will:

  • Enhance your workflow and increase operational productivity by reducing manual intervention
  • Save 1 to 1.5 minutes of reading a study per preliminary customer data
  • Reduce your physician burnout by eliminating repetitive tasks 
  • Allow for more studies to be read by reducing reporting times
  • Decrease efforts correcting display protocols
  • Reduce potential repetitive stress injury by reducing mouse mileage
  • Expand capacity across multiple roles by reclaiming time
  • Create an actionable medical imaging database
  • Reduce billing errors and capture missed contrast revenue.

Why ENDEX is Right for You

In today’s imaging department countless hours are wasted dealing with problems that affect hanging protocols, study labels, and image routing. At the core of our healthcare interoperability challenges is non-standardized clinical data.

  • Studies and series are technically identical but labelled differently creating display and processing issues
  • Series descriptions lack clinical relevance
  • Different facilities label studies differently making comparisons impossible
  • Data is missing for a variety of reasons, including anonymization for research purposes
  • Medical imaging data is excluded from analysis due to incomplete or irrelevant data labels
  • Patient studies are routed incorrectly to work lists or workstations because of mislabeling

And more…

ENDEX will standardize your medical imaging data and improve your workflows making your department more efficient, reduce mundane tasks and reclaim staff capacity and provide the first steps in solving your data quality issues.

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Efficiency gains

Our customers have seen over a 10% efficiency gain using ENDEX. As the product used machine learning, this number is expected to rise over time. As they have 100 radiologists, this equates to 10 FTE.



They have seen a 10X ROI using ENDEX. Additionally, the savings due to increased efficiencies equates to $600,000 annually.

Improved Job Satisfaction

We have reports of radiologists really enjoying the use of the software and that they are using the protocols they never used before and incur less frustration.

Revenue Opportunities

This customer is not currently using ENDEX for data monetization. However, the clean and clinically relevant data is a much higher quality than before ENDEX and much more valuable for research, building AI, and pharma.

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