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ENDEX conforms messy metadata to a standard convention, making the radiology data searchable, and making hanging protocols more reliable.

ENDEX provides standardized metadata descriptions of diagnostic medical images (DICOM). It uses proprietary natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision (CV) algorithms to analyze DICOM images and metadata to identify key attributes that characterize distinct types of radiological studies and series. Standardized metadata descriptions are added directly to the DICOM metadata to enable automated processing and analysis by downstream software.

ENDEX improves the reporting experience for the Radiologist while generating strong ROI for the business. See how ENDEX works

Use the ENDEX ROI Calculator to see how you can save with ENDEX

The ENDEX ROI Calculator assumes certain details based on results with Enlitic customers.

For a more detailed ROI calculation that is specific to your facility contact Enlitic.

ENDEX can also impact:

  • PACS Administrators time spent on non-value added mundane tasks
  • IT Department network capacity
  • Radiologist job satisfaction
  • Reducing repetitive stress injury
  • Billing and coding accuracy
  • Improving the value of data monetization

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