Professional Services

Enlitic Professional Services cover all the bases for your implementation:

  • Project discovery
  • Collaboration on the development of a project plan that fits your resource constraints
  • Installation and configuration meeting Enlitic’s strict quality requirements
  • Pretraining and workflow optimization
  • Customer Success Manager assigned to ensure success and adoption of Enlitic solutions
  • Go live and updates monitored to ensure a successful launch
  • On going training

Ensuring that your investment is maximized.

Customer Support

Our experienced customer support team is here to help you:

  • Utilize your solution to the fullest in order to maximize your investment
  • Get the best user experience possible with helpful, accurate responses
  • Provide you the tools needed to be successful
  • Resolve issues fast and accurately
  • Find simple solutions to complex problems

Enlitic’s goal is to get to the root of the problem quickly, provide timely and accurate feedback and ensure resolution of any issues you encounter.

Highly Trained Engineers

Our experienced team is able to help work with you on any clinical, technical or integration issues you may experience.

State of the Art Support Systems

Enlitic’s ticket tracking system ensures your issues are reported to development should the need arise to ensure resolution at the deepest levels.

Global Availability

24/7/365 Enlitic is here to support your facility regardless of where in the world you may be – because healthcare doesn’t rest.

Global Customer Support