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Press Kit

About Enlitic

We believe that data intelligence can completely change healthcare. Enlitic has been a pioneer in developing the next generation of intelligence tools since 2014. We are a healthcare IT company that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) in applications to address longstanding issues plaguing the delivery of healthcare. Our goal is to transform healthcare through the creation of a real-world evidence platform.

Enlitic is a different kind of company. We enable organizations to unlock insights from within their data and empower other technologies to realize their potential impact on patient care. Enlitic Curie™ is the company’s foundational platform that uses AI to unlock the true value of your data in real time. Curie is the magic behind every other Enlitic product. Each Curie application was developed to address some of the most frustrating challenges facing healthcare operations.

Curie|ENDEX™, our first software application powered by the Curie platform, improves nearly every aspect of workflow for radiologists, making your medical imaging data more consistent, more reliable, and more useful…more intelligent. ENDEX conforms health system data to consistent clinical standards, enables relevant linkage across different care systems, uses AI to create meaningful hanging protocol displays, improves image routing and orchestration, and automatically standardizes DICOM descriptions before transmission to PACS, increasing efficiency throughout the workflow.

Data becomes intelligence with Enlitic.

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