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Intelligent Medical Imaging Management

Standardize, protect, integrate and analyze your image data
to build real-world evidence for radiology

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Enlitic’s Customer, Europe’s Largest Diagnostic Reading Group,
Dives Into Their Results With Curie|ENDEX™

Enlitic and Marubeni Gain Traction in Japanese Market

Enlitic data management solutions are installed in over 50 locations across Japan.

Vital Radiology Services and Enlitic

Enlitic and Vital Radiology Services agree to deploy A.I. enabled tools in their U.K. facilities

Enlitic Workflow Solutions

At Enlitic, we believe that the power of artificial intelligence can transform healthcare by enabling effective data management and improving clinical workflows.

Our mission at Enlitic is to intelligently manage healthcare data using the power of artificial intelligence to expand capacity and improve clinical workflows and create a foundation for a real-world evidence medical image database for healthcare providers.



Reimagined Healthcare Requires Reimagined Intelligence

We provide healthcare data solutions. The Enlitic Curie™ framework standardizes, protects, integrates, and analyzes data to create the medical imaging layer of a real-world evidence database that improves clinical workflows, increases efficiencies, and expands capacity. Enlitic is focused on developing tools that solve the longstanding challenges in radiology.


Standardizing patient data, providers can optimize clinical workflows and increase reporting efficiencies.


Protecting PHI while maintaining clinical relevance enables higher data quality for research and data monetization.


Integrating image data to a healthcare enterprise unifies patient information and enables better insights.


Enriched data enables actionable and insights, improve billing processes using real-world evidence.

Healthcare Capacity, Efficiency, & Workflow Solutions

Intelligent Data management technology using Machine Learning to Improve how data is managed in healthcare

healthcare data solutions for radiology

Efficient Radiologist Workflow Solutions

Using computer vision and natural language processing DICOM studies are normalized to clinically relevant descriptions. Hanging protocols work more consistently, manual interaction is greatly reduced, and workflows become more efficient. Always have the right studies in your worklist.

Reclaim Capacity for PACS Administrators

Normalized studies are more consistently labelled enabling better orchestration of studies.  Reduce mundane data routing tasks, increase job satisfaction and focus on value added projects.

healthcare data solutions for IT
healthcare data solutions for hospital admins

Revenue Generating Opportunities for Administrators

Using computer vision and natural language processing data is standardized and PHI is protected through anonymization or deidentification while maintaining the clinical relevancy. Enriched, standardized data improves data quality and increases its value for research, quality improvement and  data monetization strategies.

Interesting Articles

The Benefits of Data Standardization

Standardized medical image descriptions in healthcare is crucial for improving the quality, accuracy, and efficiency of care delivery. By using standardized formats and terminology, medical images and information can be more easily and accurately shared, interpreted, and managed. This can support more informed decision-making, reduce the risk of misinterpretation or miscommunication, and improve the overall efficiency of the healthcare system.

Deidentifying and Anonymizing Healthcare Data

De-identifying healthcare data while retaining clinically relevant information is a challenging task, but it is an important one as it allows for the safe sharing and use of data for research and other purposes without compromising patient privacy. One approach to de-identifying data while retaining clinically relevant information is to use data masking and generalization techniques, such as replacing specific dates, such as birthdates, with age ranges or replacing specific addresses with zip codes. This is a healthcare data solution to help to remove personal identifiers while still preserving the context and relevance of the data.

Our Healthcare Data Solutions

Curie|ENDEX™ is a medical imaging solution that standardizes your data and improves workflows, helping to make your radiology department more efficient and reduce mundane tasks. By using computer vision and natural language processing, ENDEX maps DICOM and metadata to consistent and standardized study descriptions enabling consistent hanging protocol displays, accurate data routing, improved billing capabilities and administrative staff can reclaim time from fixing hanging protocols or searching for studies. ENDEX also enriches your data for research or monetization strategies, and with data that is standardized and clinically relevant, data analysis becomes much easier. Curie|ENDEX™ provides a comprehensive solution to your radiology department’s data governance issues, allowing for more efficient workflows, improved data quality, and enhanced value for research or monetization.

Curie|ENCOG™ is an intelligent solution designed to de-identify medical imaging data while retaining clinically relevant information, saving you time and resources. Traditional anonymization tools delete data indiscriminately, leading to poor quality data and loss of important information. ENCOG uses AI to detect and protect PHI while preserving clinical relevance, enabling data to be used for research and analysis. It supports multiple modalities, including CT, MR, US, and XR, and can be used for rounds/teaching files, clinical trials, training algorithms/validation testing, national disease registries, and real-world evidence databases. With ENCOG you can confidently protect your patients’ PHI and maintain high-quality data for better decision-making.