Telemedicine Clinic (TMC) Case Study

TMC had a 10% increase in productivity

Telemedicine Clinic (TMC), a leading teleradiology service provider in Europe, partnered with Enlitic in 2019 to enhance the workflow of their radiologists and overcome challenges in teleradiology. Prior to working with Enlitic, TMC faced issues with data variability, diverse case types, and time-consuming display protocol configurations. By deploying Enlitic’s Curie|ENDEX™ solution, TMC improved radiologists’ efficiency, and increased capacity. The implementation resulted in a 10% increase in productivity, faster reporting, and the ability to handle higher exam volumes. ENDEX eliminated data variability, facilitated the use of display protocols, and received positive feedback from radiologists. They also intend to expand the deployment to more sites and markets, recognizing the potential benefits for addressing data variability in radiology services.

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