Reimagining Healthcare Intelligence

Reimagining Healthcarehealthcare intelligence

Reimagined healthcare requires reimagined intelligence. The technology exists today to unlock the potential insights that exist within patient data, IF we look at how we use healthcare intelligence differently. If we look at what it will require to deliver on the promises of precision medicine, on the promises of interoperability and the promises of healthcare reform then we can see that we need to use intelligence differently.

By using AI powered tools to solve the most basic of challenges faced by providers today, we can solve the downstream issues that plague IT deployments. We can speed up adoption rates of meaningful applications. We can consider geographic, demographic, environmental and socio-economic data in our decision making. We can turn data into intelligence that provides insights that impact patient outcomes. We can deliver a real-world evidence platform that truly delivers on all the promises healthcare vendors and providers are driving towards.

We CAN reimagine healthcare.

What Makes This So Crucial?

For too long we have suffered from the same challenges and issues that have impacted the delivery of healthcare. Vendors have turned a blind eye towards these issues, until now. Entire aspects of trade shows are dedicated to interoperability as they have been for 30 years and still providers continue to struggle. Discussions about population health and precision medicine abound, but we still struggle with the basic building blocks like data governance and interoperability.

Why is it that radiologists have come to accept that hanging protocols just don’t work as advertised? Why is it that it has become acceptable to make PACS Administrators spend time on rerouting data, fixing display issues, and wasting time on mundane tasks?

It’s crucial for the industry to understand that dramatic progress can be made if we address the issues at the core. It’s crucial for the industry to understand that there are solutions out there that will move them towards their goals of better healthcare delivery. It’s crucial for the industry to know that by looking at how we utilize AI to solve these challenges, the more mainstream point solutions will generate a better ROI and simplify their adoption – that this has the potential to have long term repercussions.

AI can address data standardization that solves issues with display protocols, routing rules, billing and coding challenges and incomplete, inaccurate or missing data. AI can solve issues that have been ignored and yet impact so many downstream processes that ultimately impact clinical and operational efficiencies.

What makes Enlitic unique is that no other vendor is thinking this way. Vendors are looking at how AI can detect a pathology but ignoring the fact that data governance is where their providers spend an inordinate amount of time. What makes this unique is that Enlitic has stepped up to solve decades old challenges that are neither sexy, nor highly visible but are at the center of their problems. We are demonstrating how we can take data, turn it into information that then leads us to have real world insights about the patient condition.

How can Enlitic Transform Healthcare?

By reimagining intelligence, we can transform how we deliver healthcare. We can make good on all the promises of better patient outcomes, of cost-effective healthcare delivery and of a better return on investment for IT projects. We can deliver a real-world evidence platform that will help reimagine healthcare.

Who Cares?

Providers that see the future of healthcare from a distinct perspective care. Providers that understand that solving the root cause of so many issues is the first step to better patient care, not the last step care. Providers that understand that the journey to better patient care is a series of steps that show value at each step and not expecting a “big bang” ROI but rather incremental value and are willing to drive their organization in this direction care.

What we are promising is within reach. Enlitic has already delivered on the first steps towards reimagining healthcare. And Enlitic will guarantee a return on investment for those that want to take this journey with us.