The Re-introduction of Enlitic

Dear Healthcare Leaders,

Hello! We are Enlitic and we standardize your medical imaging data. We anonymize it while retaining its clinical relevance. Finally, we allow you to gain insights from your data and monetize it (directly or indirectly). We are here to bring a wealth of information and efficiency to your facility.

As the landscape of healthcare continues to evolve, Enlitic stands at the forefront of transformative innovation, poised to redefine how medical image data is managed and leveraged. Today, we are thrilled to introduce ourselves to the esteemed leaders of healthcare organizations, radiology groups, and hospitals.

It Starts with Medical Image Data

In the dynamic realm of healthcare, the ability to obtain the full potential of medical imaging data is a game-changer. ENDEX™ is not an AI application; it’s a catalyst for improvement in data management, standardization, and monetization within the healthcare ecosystem.

Standardization for Efficiency: ENDEX is your gateway to a consistent, clinically relevant standard nomenclature for medical image data. It flows downstream and impacts departments beyond radiology, impacting workflows and capacity within hospitals and beyond. Imagine the efficiency gains when every piece of medical imaging data seamlessly aligns with standardized protocols.

Anonymization for Security and Compliance: ENCOG™, our advanced AI-powered anonymization tool, ensures that PHI is safeguarded while retaining its clinically relevant information. Through the mastery of computer vision and Natural Language Processing, ENCOG differentiates PHI from essential clinical information.

Monetization Opportunities: Hospitals and radiology groups can now leverage their medical imaging data into a valuable asset. Together, ENDEX and ENCOG empower healthcare institutions to create the foundation of a real-world evidence database that can be monetized internally for research, AI development, and educational purposes. Moreover, hospitals have the option to broker this data to CROs or pharmaceutical organizations, opening new revenue streams.

A Vision for the Future

Enlitic envisions a future where healthcare organizations not only embrace digital transformation but thrive in it. ENDEX is not just a tool; it’s an enabler of progress, creating actionable insights from medical data.

As we introduce ourselves, we invite you to embark on this transformative journey with Enlitic. Learn what others have to say by checking out our reviews and case studies. We can’t wait to help you unlock the full potential of your medical imaging data and redefine the possibilities of healthcare innovation.


The Enlitic Team