Top 5 Tips for RSNA Newbies

Attending RSNA? These Tips are

attending RSNA for the first time, you need these tips.

It’s that time of year when those of us who have been in the radiology business rush through an American Thanksgiving and pack for Chicago. RSNA is upon us again, though it seems like it just ended. One again we will meet old colleagues who carry a new company badge, try and remember a name of a once met face and realize that we can’t hang out at Howl at the Moon (or Excalibur, for the real vets) like we used to once before.

Walking through the aisles of RSNA, witnessing thousands of people mingle and learn about new technologies, modalities, and ways to better patient care is an experience. If you are a newbie attending RSNA 2022, here are some tips and tricks that you will want to equip yourself with before stepping into the halls (and to booth 4360 in the AI Showcase to meet with Enlitic, of course).

  1. Wear comfortable shoes.

Seriously, your shoe choice will be one of the more important decisions you make when packing your suitcase. The size of McCormick Place and the miles you will be walking through and back through the RSNA aisles is no joke. If you have recently purchased a great new pair of kicks you want to show off at the event, don’t. Your feet will thank you for saving the new shoe premier for another time. So, to rephrase our first tip, wear comfortable shoes that have already been broken in for at least a few months.

  1. Turn your cell phone Wi-Fi off.

McCormick Place is inundated with Wi-Fi signals from every booth. As you walk through the hall your phone will try and connect to different Wi-Fi signals, it will keep cycling through as it picks up new signals and eventually your battery will drain, and you’ll be left stranded without a phone. Cell signal is not great in the halls either so be aware that calls home are probably better done at the hotel. Don’t worry though -you can stop by Enlitic Booth 4360 to charge up your phone, we have charging stations available for you.

  1. Make sure to confirm your meetings in Central Standard Time.

It has become a standard practice that if someone doesn’t show up for their scheduled meeting that we expect them an hour later. It is also a good excuse to get out of that meeting that you reluctantly accepted and claim a conflict (but don’t do that with Enlitic – we are on to you!) When you make a meeting in Outlook, it will appear in your current time zone. Scheduling the meeting for 1PM EST will shift to 12PM CST when you arrive in Chicago. Your phone resets to the Central Time zone, as does your appointments. It will ruin your first day if you realize that your meetings were scheduled for 1PM EST and it was supposed to be 1PM CST. So, to ensure you are confused about the disorganization of your day, confirm your meeting times once you have gotten to Chicago and in the Central Time zone.

  1. Bring and wear lip balm and moisturizer for your skin.

Chicago is very dry, especially at the end of November, despite being next to Lake Michigan. To avoid wandering around hoping to find some ChapStick tchotchke, make sure you come prepared. Also, the hotel lotions are never good enough, so pack some good moisturizer in your checked bag or stop at a bodega to pick some up once you get into town. Being itchy and dry is not the ideal way to spend your time at the largest radiology show. Men, prepare for the necktie rash and bring some moisturizer for your neck.

  1. Come up with an inventive new way to address people – don’t say “How’s the show going?” But rather “What’s the most exciting thing you are working on?”

Small talk isn’t easy. It is inevitable at a trade show that someone comes up and asks, “How’s the show going?” or “When did you get in?” Meeting lots of people during the show can be exciting and interesting, but the same old questions get boring. Mix it up and get inventive with your questions. Try things like: “What’s exciting this year?” “See anything new?” “What’s the buzz at the show?” Find great ways to start conversations with others. It will bring an extra challenge and fun to your day,  and you will most likely activate much better dialogue, and be more memorable than the next person.