Enlitic and Marubeni Corporation Target Revolutionizing Radiology Workflow in Japan

Clairvo Technologies will market and sell Curie|ENDEX™, Curie|ENCOG™ and Enlitic’s CXR Focal Opacity module AI Applications.

Reimagined Healthcare Requires Reimagined Intelligence.

Who is Enlitic?

Enlitic focuses the power of artificial intelligence into data management applications, enabling effective administration, processing and sharing of patient data throughout the healthcare enterprise. The Enlitic Curie™ platform standardizes, protects, integrates and analyzes data to create the foundation of a real-world evidence platform that improves clinical workflows, increases efficiencies and expands capacity.

Our goal is to unleash the potential of radiologists and PACS administrators to elevate patient care. While a handful of companies are focused on data analyses, point solutions, and integration those factors are meaningless if your system cannot tap into the insights that data holds. That is what makes Enlitic unique.

Enlitic Curie™ is the company’s foundational infrastructure that uses AI to unlock the true value of your data in real time. Curie is the magic behind every other Enlitic product. Each Curie application was developed to address some of the most frustrating challenges facing healthcare operations. For example, Curie|ENDEX, our first software application powered by the Curie infrastructure, improves nearly every aspect of workflow for radiologists, making your medical imaging data more consistent, more reliable, and more useful…more intelligent. ENDEX conforms health system data to consistent clinical standards, enables relevant linkage across different care systems, uses AI to create meaningful hanging protocol displays, improves image routing and orchestration, and automatically standardizes DICOM descriptions before transmission to PACS, increasing efficiency throughout the workflow.

Future applications will go even further to solve some of the most enduring issues within radiology best practices.

Our Mission

  •  To transform healthcare by reducing costs and improving efficiency in the health system by creating an integrated and interoperable, universal common data model from existing healthcare data
  •  To address health inequality and improve patient outcomes by connecting and unlocking the value of health data

Enlitic Investor Newsletters – 2022

Our Customers’ Challenges

Data is just content with no context. Our customers generate petabytes of data every year. Data sits at the center of capacity, efficiency, and operational challenges. Information is data with context. Information on its own provides no solution to the challenges CEOs face. Intelligence is insight into that information such that one can make informed decisions. Having insights into the data and information enables healthcare executives to solve today’s high impact challenges.






We Go to Work to Better Healthcare Outcomes

To achieve interoperability and create a real-world evidence database that is relevant, data must first be standardized. With the current state of medical data, data is captured from multiple sources and the results are often clinically irrelevant or undescriptive. The anonymizing of healthcare data often results in information being removed or blocked, leaving the studies useless for queries. To build a truly robust real-world evidence database, organizations must have access to many other data sources that currently are not available in one place.

Why Invest in Enlitic?