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Enlitic awarded contract to pilot advanced artificial intelligence platform for diagnostic imaging

Enlitic, Inc., (“Enlitic”) a leading developer of advanced artificial intelligence software designed to improve accuracy and workflow in diagnostic imaging, announced today that it has received an award from the United States Defense Innovation Unit (“DIU”) to pilot its comprehensive Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) platform in select Defense Health Agency (“DHA”) and Veterans Affairs (“VA”) Medical Treatment Facilities (“MTF”s).

DIU’s Other Transactional (OT) award provides for the implementation of Enlitic’s technology at several MTFs over a two-year period. Enlitic’s AI Platform, products and select algorithms will be integrated directly into on-site and national cloud infrastructure, including enterprise-level Hospital Information System (“HIS”) and Picture Archiving and Communications System (“PACS”) software. Following these initial implementations, Enlitic, the DHA and the VA will conduct clinical studies to evaluate the impact of Enlitic’s technologies on diagnostic quality and efficiency.

Enlitic’s activities under the OT will include a comprehensive assessment of DHA and VA’s readiness for medical imaging AI as well as customized training for DHA and VA physicians and staff. Additionally, the OT will facilitate steps toward the use of securely anonymized DHA and VA medical data together with Enlitic’s algorithm development tools for the rapid deployment of advanced artificial intelligence algorithms as future healthcare needs arise. Success will be monitored throughout the engagement to inform potential future rollout across the expansive MTF footprint operated by the US Government. If the prototype is successful, the opportunity to scale it throughout the Department of Defense represents one of the industry’s largest opportunities to date with a total addressable market size of more than $250M annually.

“It’s more important today than ever before that large health systems invest in technical and analytical infrastructure,” said Kevin Lyman, CEO of Enlitic, “We are incredibly excited for the opportunity to work alongside the US Government to provide immediate support for clinicians and lay the groundwork for health AI to be adopted on a national scale.”

DIU is partnering with the DHA and the Veterans Health Administration which serve a collective 18 million beneficiaries that could benefit from this cutting edge technology.

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