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Enlitic Becomes First U.S. Imaging AI Company to Receive Regulatory Approval to Commercialize in Japan

Enlitic, in collaboration with Konica Minolta Inc. and Marubeni Corporation, today announced that its AI-powered product for analyzing chest X-rays – CXR-AI – has received approval from Japanese regulators and will be available commercially across Japan. With this approval, Enlitic became the first U.S. imaging AI company to receive regulatory approval to commercialize in Japan.

CXR-AI, which is developed with Enlitic’s AI technology, better detects major abnormal findings such as lung nodule and consolidation in chest X-ray images. The findings that are detected by CXR-AI software are shown as a simple mark for each abnormality allowing radiologists to easily and quickly identify abnormalities.

“CXR-AI is the culmination of several months of collaboration between Konica Minolta and Enlitic. It has been validated with great results at the leading medical institutions in Japan,” said Kazuhiko Katsushima, Senior Manager, Planning Division of Healthcare IT Business Operations, Konica Minolta. “Significant expectations have emerged for utilization of AI especially in health screening and we believe that this product will truly make a difference for the radiologists and patients in Japan and we look forward to working together on future projects.”

Konica Minolta is the leading medical imaging company in Japan and Marubeni is a leading Japanese conglomerate. Enlitic, Konica Minolta and Marubeni have a long-standing relationship and Marubeni is also a strategic shareholder in Enlitic.

“Japan is the second largest radiology market in the world and we are very excited to bring CXR-AI to the Japanese market. We have great aspirations to develop and commercialize our differentiated AI products in Japan alongside Konica Minolta and Marubeni,” said James Conyers, CEO of Enlitic.

CXR-AI will be deployed with Konica Minolta’s PACS and AI gateway systems to be distributed across hospitals, clinics, and other medical institutions in Japan. Marubeni Corporation will also facilitate the commercialization of CXR-AI through other channels in Japan.

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