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Leading European Provider of Teleradiology Applies Medical Intelligence to Improve Patient Outcomes Across Entire Continuum of Care

TMC, a Unilabs company, has selected Enlitic, an emerging healthcare technology company, to provide medical intelligence software that will improve operational efficiencies and outcomes across the entire continuum of care for TMC’s radiologists and patients.

With technology playing an increasingly critical role in every aspect of business, healthcare leaders are recognizing the need to invest in AI solutions that go beyond detection and triage to focus on clinical operations, integration, accessibility, and clinician quality of life.

“Our core purpose is to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients, and that means speed, accuracy, and reliability,” said Henrik Agrell, CEO of TMC. “By standardizing data and delivering actionable medical intelligence, Enlitic makes life easier for our radiologists and lets them concentrate on what they do best – high-quality diagnostics.”

By incorporating Enlitic’s medical intelligence software with their Sectra PACS, TMC’s radiologists can focus on the interpretation and the quality of care, as well as increasing their ability to keep up with volume and demand. All the while still maintaining quality patient outcomes. Enlitic has worked with some of the largest radiology practices around the world and has found that one of the biggest issues is image naming conventions and protocols. The company’s most recent application, Standardize, solves this problem saving radiologists time and improving outcomes for both the radiologist and the patient.

“TMC is a perfect customer for us. They have a vision to improve their business through data intelligence and they were collaborative, listened and gave us the chance to help them. With our solutions we’re able to put our customers on the best path for success,” said Jim Conyers, CEO, Enlitic.

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