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NMC Healthcare and Enlitic announce multi-faceted strategic partnership.

Largest Private Healthcare Company in GCC and Leading Medical AI Software Company Sign Multi-Faceted Partnership that Sets the Stage for Improved Patient Care in the Region

Enlitic, Inc., a leading developer of artificial intelligence (AI) software designed to help doctors diagnose patient conditions more quickly and more accurately, and NMC Health plc (LSE:NMC), the London Stock Exchange listed healthcare company with services in 19 countries across the Middle East, Europe, Africa, South America, and the U.S., have signed a multi-faceted partnership that sets the stage for improved patient care across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. As part of the agreement, Enlitic will develop, train, and validate its deep learning models to the GCC population while NMC will assist in securing regulatory approvals and the distribution of Enlitic’s AI products in the region. NMC will also leverage Enlitic’s best-in-class software technology to streamline radiology workflows, increase the speed and accuracy of patient diagnoses, and improve in-vitro fertilization (IVF) outcomes in the thousands of cycles the company conducts annually as one of the world’s largest IVF providers.

Prasanth Manghat, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of NMC Health Plc. said, “The next big disruption shall be in the healthcare industry and like other disruptions in major industries, it will be brought about by highly transformative technologies, with artificial intelligence high on that list. Our partnership with Enlitic serves as a proof point that NMC is leading the way in this constructive disruption.”

“Enlitic’s partnership with global healthcare giant, NMC, is a significant step forward for the future integration of our best-in-class, AI-powered platform into the global healthcare landscape,” said Kevin Lyman, Enlitic’s Chief Executive Officer. “NMC’s leading position in the GCC, access to their quality health-care data, and their desire to implement our cutting-edge technology, will have tremendous impact on advancing our product development and overall business goals.”

Enlitic’s partnership with NMC Healthcare adds to the company’s ever-growing list of top healthcare and technology companies, including Capitol Health, a leading Australian healthcare provider; Marubeni Corporation, a Japan-based global conglomerate; Konica Minolta, a leading multi-national technology company also based in Japan; and Select HealthCare Solutions, a developer, owner, and operator of world-class cancer centers across the U.S.

“We recognize that perfecting and integrating medical AI into the patient care process is a critical component to not only improving overall patient care but also addressing the affordability, availability, and accessibility issues in healthcare. Enlitic’s highly advanced deep learning models will enable us to build on our existing world-class clinical capabilities as we continue to scale our operations across the GCC and globally,” said Prasanth.


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