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Enlitic Curie™

Enlitic Curie is an extensible AI platform that allows easy implementation, and orchestration of Enlitic application modules. The Enlitic Curie platform is the industry’s first localized real-world database and real-world evidence platform that unlocks the value of historical diagnostic images, aligned with real-time diagnostics, and linkage to real-world data across any critical care solution.


The Curie|ENDEX application is an artificial intelligence powered application that uses natural language processing and computer vision to look at medical images and their associated DICOM and meta data to determine the relevant clinical information that is associated with that patient study.


Curie|ENCOG is an AI enabled application that anonymizes Protected Health Information found in various locations of medical imaging studies. A variety of means are used to remove PHI while maintaining clinically relevant data while enabling users to validate results. ENCOG is the next step in moving towards a real-world evidence database, anonymizing data while allowing queries against clinically relevant information.