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Healthcare AI Solutions

Machine Learning in Healthcare

AI in Healthcare

Solving the data Problem

There are many uses for AI in healthcare and many ways that AI and machine learning create better patient outcomes. In the clinical world, these solutions are a dime a dozen, but very helpful. They help to diagnose, find irregularities, analyze patient notes, and even provide robotic surgeries. Enlitic and the Curie platform are unique and provide healthcare AI solutions that affect workflow from the clinicians to the hospital administration and executives. Unlike any other AI in healthcare solution, we are a healthcare technology company using machine learning and computer vision to standardize data at the source of medical images and create consistent nomenclature to improve Radiologist efficiency, quicker patient diagnosis, accurate billing and coding, and ultimately a real-world evidence database.

Save Time for Medical Staff

Reduce Costs, Save Money

Focus on What Matters

Improve Data Governance

AI for Radiologists

Standardizing data, creating consistency

Radiologists have a lot on their plate. They struggle with constant interruptions, broken hanging protocols, and more. Each time their flow gets disturbed, the Radiologist must get back into it so they can properly report on the study. Enlitic has solved the problem of broken protocols, wrong studies or series, and missing information by standardizing at the source within the PACS. Radiologists can save tons of time and frustrations with our computer vision and machine learning technologies.

Healthcare AI Solutions

AI for IT & PACS Administrators

Quickly Deploying ai, properly routing data

The IT department is constantly working to provide the beast solutions to clinicians and hospital staff. With AI in healthcare being a star throughout the entire system, many professionals are hoping to find a way to deploy AI faster. The Curie platform does just that for radiology. It will deploy new algorithms in minutes rather than months. In addition, Enlitc’s solutions standardize data to ensure it gets routed properly the first time and will save your network space.

AI for Hospital Administrators

creating operational efficencies & roi

Bring a solution to your organization that saves you money. Enlitic guarantees ROI, or you don’t pay. When you deploy our software, you will save dollars and bring great value to your hospital. By standardizing and normalizing medical imaging data, radiologists become more efficient, new algorithms can be deployed quicker and the PACS Admin gains time too. In addition, you are reducing risk and building a real-world evidence database to better patient care. AI in healthcare has been around, but never like this.

Experience Our Intelligence

Through the power of the Enlitic Curie platform we are developing solutions that positively impact patient care. Allow us to demonstrate to you just how evolutionary our platform is.