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The Curie|ENDEX application uses AI for medical imaging to transform imaging data to a consistent, clinically relevant standard nomenclature and enables relevant clinical content linkage across different IT systems. ENDEX enables consistent display of hanging protocols, improves image routing and orchestration intelligence. It forms the foundation of any successful artificial intelligence strategy and is crucial in creating a real world evidence database.

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Curie Platform

Enlitic Curie™ PLATFORM

The Enlitic Curie Enterprise Platform combines disjointed processes, systems, and data into one simplified workflow and it starts by using artificial intelligence in healthcare. Curie impacts the entire continuum of care through a host of AI-powered applications that read, report, research, inquire, inform, and automatically standardize, and simplify, your data – eliminating inefficiencies and improving patient outcomes.


The Curie|ENCOG application is an AI powered de-identification and anonymization technology that removes and protects all Protected Health Information with auditing and chain of custody technology. ENCOG uses computer vision and Natural Language Programing (NLP) to differentiate PHI from relevant clinical information. Deidentified data supports the sharing of clinical information for use in medical research and development.

5 Steps to Your AI Strategy

Sunday, November 27th at 11am in the AI showcase Theater

Presented by: Dave Wilson

Understand the 5 phases of executing a successful AI strategy in your facility and assess where your organization falls. (Click plus sign to read more)

Understand the 5 phases of executing a successful AI strategy in your facility and assess where your organization falls.

There is no question that the implementation of an AI strategy is important to healthcare executives. Recent studies show that 61% of executives believe they are ahead of other industries with regards to their strategy and the implementation of AI. And despite this perception, the number one challenge outside of financing that all healthcare leaders agree on is managing standards and data governance.

Healthcare executives have begun to execute AI strategies that look at the end results and evaluate the value of point solutions without fully considering how to get there from a broader perspective. There are critical steps to consider for an AI strategy to be successful. Measuring ROI, developing use cases and selecting partners are all critical but leaping over the initial and major step of standardized data means delays, cost overruns and a lack of confidence in the strategy.

Enlitic is developing solutions that support an AI Adoption Model that steps an organization through the critical components needed to move that AI strategy forward successfully. We will walk through the 5 phases of AI maturity and the various components that facilities need to consider as they evolve their AI strategy.

Dave Wilson