Enlitic Celebrates Continued Growth with New Products and Partnerships.

Founded in 2014, Enlitic continues to innovate artificial intelligence and how it is utilized in healthcare, shifting focus from diagnostics to workflow. Partnerships with the Department of Defense, Konica Minolta, TMC (a Unilabs company), as well as some of the largest diagnostic reading groups in the world give momentum continuing into 2022 with the debut of Curie™, an enterprise platform that utilizes human, artificial, and real-world intelligence to create an evidence-based solution for healthcare information.

“As we continue to evolve from radiology centered solutions to the entire continuum of care, we are focused on the current healthcare ecosystem and how we are part of the solution,” said Jim Conyers, CEO of Enlitic. “Since our debut, we’ve changed the way health care institutions process data. Our mission is to ensure that medical information is useful and impactful – our products are developed with intelligence that is intentional and designed for collaboration, adaptability and relevance across all healthcare specialties.”

Enlitic Curie™ brings unity to clinical data. The product’s proprietary AI intelligence, Standardize, conforms health system data to be consistent with standards and enables relevant clinical content linkage across disparate care systems. With the ability to enable consistent hanging protocols, improve image routing and orchestration, and potential to reduce the need for patient re-imaging and patient X-Ray Dosage, Enlitic Curie™ sets a new standard. In 2021, The University of Texas Health San Antonio (UTHSA) participated in a proof of concept with Enlitic to solve the problem of inconsistent hanging protocols and estimated the value of time savings to be in excess of $1 million dollars over a three-year period with Enlitic’s Standardize product.

Enlitic continues to innovate artificial intelligence using other applications that will unlock the true power of clinical data. Throughout the year, the organization will partner with commercial organizations to further enhance the possibilities of patient care. Enlitic will be conducting demonstrations of Curie™ at HIMSS – Orlando from March 14-18.

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